Top 10 Best Beer Pong Tables in 2022 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

Beer Pong Tables

Beer Pong Tables are the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of drinking games. Everyone who loves drinking games enjoys more when using the best beer pong table.

In fact, it has become the popularity of the birthday’s celebrations, house parties, tailgating parties and more. The games advance day in day out, therefore, the market also has come up with better beer pong tables than the previous models. Some of these advanced tables have glow lights that add the fun and bring more electroluminescent glow for an appealing surface.

Yes, there are more modernized beer pong tables in the market but finding the best can be a hiccup. Some are fake and poor quality. It can be disappointing when you happen to buy and own such a table.

The 10 Best Beer Pong Tables in 2022

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Take a look at our top 10 picks for the best beer pong tables on the market:





Pongbuddy beer pong table is the best trending in the market now.  It is a super 8-feet portable beer pong table. What’s more, this beer table is very versatile. The spacious surface area allows you to challenge friends during party games. This table isn’t just for beer pong; you can also use it for other drinking games and set things on it.

At the end of enjoyable games, you can fold and use the carrying handle to transport or store it with ease.

Key Features
  • You can fold the table up into four sections to make it take less space while storing.
  • Its sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame makes it portable
  • Pongbuddy beer pong table is best for indoors or outdoors tailgate and drinking party games.





If you want a memorable moment then this Pongbuddy beer pong table is all you need. Just like its earlier sibling, it is 8 foot long, but you can fold it into four sections for storage and transportation. It has a carrying handle that makes it more convenient to carry and transport around. The table has a stylish graphic which gives it a sleek display. The graphic makes it even ideal for playing different drinking games and for setting things on it.

Key Features
  • It has a sturdy and lightweight aluminum frame
  • The Pong buggy beer pong table is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. For example, play games in parties and tailgates.
  • You can adjust the height of the table as you desire

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8. The Pong Squad Basketball Beer Pong Table with Holes

The Pong Squad Basketball Beer Pong Table with Holes


By: Pong Squad

The Pong squad Beer Pong table has some unique features that are not in other beer pong tables. It is the only table with 22 pre-drilled holes. The holes ensure natural ranking while preventing the beer cups from sliding. Each hole has a plastic rim for extra protection. The lightweight and convenient construction make it non-arduous and easy to transport or store.

When not in use, you can fold the table into a 2-foot by 2-foot gadget to ensure storage and transportation a breeze. It gives you more than enough playing surface area. Approximately it measures 8-foot X 2 –foot X 2.5- foot.

Key Features
  • It weights 20lbs
  • The fact that it’s spacious makes drinking games fun and enjoyable
  • The unique features assure you safety without worrying about sliding your beer cup

7. PartyPongTables 8-Feet Professional Beer Pong Table

PartyPongTables 8-Feet Professional Beer Pong Table


By: beer pong table is here to ensure that you have the best drinking games at any time. You do not know what it feels when taking beer as you play games on a dimly lit table until you do it in such a table. The LED glow lights give the table surface a bright and appealing space for one to yearn for more and more games.

The fact that the table is 8 feet long should not scare you away when you think of storing or transporting. It easily folds into a compact size that fits into the carrying case. You can also wrap it and use the handles to carry it.

Key Features
  • The cup holes keep the game cups from sliding and spilling.
  • This beer pong table has a wax finishing that deflects liquids and protects the table.
  • It comes with six-party pong balls
  • The optional pong ball holder makes it more convenience

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6. Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table

Versapong Portable Beer Pong Table


By: Versapong

Have you ever dreamt of having that lightweight, convenient and portable beer pong table? There’s no doubt your dream is now a reality! Versapong brings you the exact beer pong table of your dreams. It does this, by manufacturing the most durable beer pong table. The table has customizable ranks, a sturdy tripod base, and water-cup holders.

You can set your table and party till dawn. No worry about it getting destroyed in any way since it is water-proof and party proof.  Another mind-blowing feature of this type of table is that it has backpack straps and a convenient travel case.

Key Features
  • The durable material of the tables holds up to long-term use
  • It is very versatile, and you can confidently set it up anytime anywhere
  • Versapong beer pong table is much smaller and lighter than the traditional bulky

5. PartyPongTables Beer Pong Table

8-Feet Beer Pong Table w: OPTIONAL Cup Holes & LED Color-Changing Glow Lights - 11 Table Designs Available


By: PartyPongTables

The Beer Pong Table has all that you have been looking for in a beer pong table for happy and fun game moments. It is the best beer pong table for the best party games. The different glow lights of different colors assure you a remarkable experience of the electroluminescent glow.

You can set any of the 20 light modes as you wish. Some of these light modes are flashing, solid, fade. The adjustable speed and brightness of the lights give you all the freedom to make your game time unforgettable. Besides, it requires 3AA batteries per side.

Like any other beer pong tables, it is also sturdy enough with the wax finishing that withstands all extreme temperatures, deflects liquids and protects the table from any abuse.

Key Features
  • The actual holes keep the game cups from sliding and spilling.
  • The table is 8-feet long
  • It has an attached Pong Ball Holder

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4. Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Game Table

Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Game Table


By: Red Cup Pong

Red Cup Pong brings you the best Beer Pong Table. It has a high definition graphic glossy regulation that is scratch resistant. The table is easy to clean, and it resists spills. Now that it repels corrosive liquids you can be sure of its durability. It serves you perfectly and for long.

Key Features
  • The table folds and unfolds in under a minute for storage
  • The table is also 8 feet long
  • It comes with a custom stainless steel bottle opener and a foam ball holder with six pong balls
  • The dimensions when unfolded are 98 x 24 x 30 inches and when folded 24 x 24x 6 Inches
  • It weighs 24lbs

3. Mini Pong – Bring the Party Anywhere Game

Mini Pong - Bring the Party Anywhere Game


By: Buffalo Games

Are you are a fun of games? Do you love to play games with your friends anytime, anywhere? The mini-pong tabletop version is the best gadget that you must own. With this table, you will be in a position to launch a ball into your opponent’s cups. Then aim to clear the board. The fascinating thing about this action-packed, portable beer pong table ensures no more hustle.

You do not have to chase the ball or spill off the drink during playing. Instead, you use catapults and a tethered ball that helps keep all of the parts and pieces on the table. It is ideal for happy hour, pre-games, traveling, parties and many more of your choice.

Key Features
  • We recommend it for 2-4 players of age 21 and above.
  • The compact size and portability make you want to carry it anywhere and play anytime.
  • The package includes; 1 wood game board with skid-resistant footing, 25 cups, two launchers, one tethered ball and a mesh storage bag for all components

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2. 8-Feet Beer Pong Table w/ OPTIONAL Cup Holes, LED Glow Lights

8-Feet Beer Pong Table w: OPTIONAL Cup Holes, LED Glow Lights


By: PartyPongTables gives you perfect beer pong tables you never knew. The LED glow lights on the table make the games more fascinating and enjoyable. The holes on it help in holding the beer cups in place and keep them from sliding or spilling when the game is at the pick. The pong ball holder in this table gives you optional convenience.

You can be sure of having endless fun without having to stop and look for any ball. The coated melamine surface of the table makes it easy to wipe clean. The 8-feet surface is more than enough. No worry of less playing space.

Key Features
  • The custom graphics gives you room to upload the graphics of your choice.
  • The stunning high-resolution graphics give players an appealing surface to always hunger to play on.
  • The handles make it easy to carry anywhere and set it to party anytime.

1. GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong / Tailgate Tables

GoPong 8 Foot Portable Beer Pong : Tailgate Tables


By: GoPong

Have you been thinking about upgrading your party moments? You wish to make them more enjoyable and memorable? Well, this GoPong beer pong table is right here for you. It acts as the center of attraction at house parties, tailgates, campsites, holiday weekends and many more. The construction material is of durable melamine that is waterproof. It also allows it to withstand the test of time and serve you for years to come without fading out.

As its name implies, it is 8 foot long making it a full regulation size table best for tournaments. At the end of the competition, you can just fold the table down to compact size. After that, you can effortlessly transport or store it. The table comes with six Pong balls. You only have to get the cups and beer, and you set for party games.

Key Features
  • It measures 8 feet x 2 feet x 27.5 inches.
  • Weighs 25 pounds
  • Folds to 2 feet x 5.5 inches x 2 feet for portability and neat storage
  • It has high strength that stands even the rowdiest parties

Factors to consider before buying beer pong tables:

  • Reliability: How reliable is the table? Is it something you can carry anytime and set it up anywhere and enjoy the game?  Here you need to consider getting the lightweight table. It should be portable with a compact design for easy transportation and storage.
  • Durability: Features of the table make it either durable or just last for the shortest time. Features like waterproof and sturdy material that prevent the table from any abuse assure you the durability. The table is easy to clean which improves its ultimate durability.
  • Design: The beer pong table design should be foldable. It should feature in handles for easy carrying and store.
  • Effectiveness: How useful is your table? Does it make the game more enjoyable? For example, if it has glowing lights that add some beautiful appeal while playing.  Another thing that you should check is customized graphics. They also make the drinking game and many more games and settings more effective.


If you’re looking for a beer pong table, then we have got you covered! In this list of the top 10 best beer pong tables in 2022, we have examined each of the options before picking them. We believe that each of the tables in this review is worth a purchase.

Although we highly recommend the top three tables, all the others have great features which might catch your attention. Having tried some of the tables we have picked, just add one of them to your cart! Armed with the information provided above, you can be sure to get the right product.

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