Best Balance Bikes for Kids & Toddlers in 2022 – Comparison & Reviews

Best balance bikes

Are you planning to buy a cool gift for your toddler? Why don’t you go for a balance bike rather than a traditional tricycle?

Usually, balance bikes come in bright colors, and funky patterns and your kid would love it. This might be the best ride-on toy for your little one. A balance bike increases the sense of balance in your kids, and they can roam around the house and outside without falling off.

When it comes to balance bikes, there are many options available, and all of them look pretty good. The necessity factor, you need to select the best one for your kid that goes perfectly with your kid’s height, weight, and age. To help you find the best balance bike for your kids, our experts do the necessary research and come up with the following 10 picks for you. Check them out now!

The Best Balance Bikes for Kids in 2022

We have arranged a list of the best balance bike after hours of research. We wanted to make sure that your kid gets the best option available in the market.

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10- ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike

ZÜM CX Wooden Balance Bike


ZÜM CX is a fascinating wooden bike for your 3-4-year-old kids. It helps them in getting a real bike riding experience. The most attractive feature of this bike is its wooden frame which is made of birch wood. It is not only sturdy but also quite environmentally friendly.

Without compromising on the quality and durability, ZÜM CX offers a highly stable balance bike without getting hard in your pocket. This bike can handle 25 kg weight so your growing kids of age 2-5 can comfortably ride on it.

Its tires are made of inflatable rubber, and its seat is padded with vinyl for durability. To make it more secure, there is a steering limitation, and it helps in case you have a naughty kid at home.

Key features
  • Non-toxic lacquer finishing
  • Reversible frame to alter the appearance
  • The lowest setting is at 12-14 inches
  • The highest setting is at 15- 17 inches

9- BAVEL – Balance Bike

BAVEL – Balance Bike


Make your kids ready for a pedal bike with the help of this easy to use Bavel balance bike. Featuring a bright yellow and blue color, this bike is a great fit for your two years old kids. It’s not only easy to assemble but also requires less maintenance. Once your toddler learns to balance on this bike, he will be all set to use a pedal bike in less time.

Air filled tires and tubes help in stress-free rolling. The Large adjustable seat is 15” above the ground level and has the highest level at 20” from the ground. Bavel uses rubber tires in its manufacture and makes sure that its tires remain puncture-free.

Key features
  • Padded handlebars offer soft grip
  • two wrenches include for assembling
  • Adjustable seat post and handlebars
  • Puncture-proof tires

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8- KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike

KaZAM v2e No Pedal Balance Bike


KaZAM v2e is manufactured by keeping the growing needs of your little tots. It’s a well built and easy to assemble balance bike suitable for 2-5 years old kids. This teeny-tiny cycle has an eye-catching design that makes it different from most of the other brands.

Featuring a footrest platform, this bike offers a great riding experience for your growing kids. Once your BIG baby learns to balance on it, he can easily do some cute little stunts. E.g., riding and putting his feet on the footrest.

Moreover, it’s seat and handlebars are adjustable, and your kid would love sitting, walking, gliding, coasting and balancing? What else would you want to keep your kiddos busy in a healthy activity?

Key features
  • Tires don’t get flat
  • Assembly tools included
  • No air filling required
  • Affordable bike
  • Available in multiple bright colors

7- Teddy Shake – Best Balance Bike for Kids & Toddlers

Teddy Shake - Best Balance Bike for Kids & Toddlers


By: Teddy Shake

This is a promising bike and enables your kid to start riding in less time. It comes in 5 pieces and an Allen wrench. All you have to do is to assemble pieces, and it will take less than 5 minutes and voila!  It offers a great balance, steady working and a safe ride for your kids.

Its anti-rust design makes sure that it lasts for long. Steering is quite easy and smooth. It can keep your kiddo busy for hours. It is a well-engineered bike which provides a comfortable ride each time.

You don’t need to worry about the air filling of the tires every other day as it doesn’t require it at all. Above all, its tires are puncture-free so your tot can use it without any hassle.

Key features
  • Rust free
  • Suitable for two years old
  • No maintenance required
  • Soft grip handlebars

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6- TheCroco – LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike

TheCroco – LIGHTEST Aluminum Balance Bike


If you believe that your toddler needs a less weighing balance bike, TheCroco is what you should buy. Its aluminum frame makes it easy to use and suitable for the kids of age 18 months to 5 years. It weighs only 2kg, so your tot won’t face any problem while using it. It gives riding confidence to your kids and prepares them for pedal bikes.

Mostly, parents want to buy a quality bike that they can pass to their next kid. TheCroco won’t disappoint you as it made to last longer than other bikes. It has flat-free EVA tires that are not made of rubber. Handlebars are made of soft plastic but provide excellent grip.

Key features
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suitable for kids having short heights
  • Footrest space
  • 11 inches tires
  • Seat size is from 11.5” to 18.5”
  • Adjustable seat

5- Radio Flyer Glide N Go Balance Bike

Radio Flyer Glide N Go Balance Bike


With an up-slung frame, this bike is suitable for the 3-5 years old kids. Your toddler can learn to balance without facing any fear of falling. It features 12’ air tires that are durable and ensure a safe ride each time. It also has a cushioned seat that is suitable for growing kids. You can easily adjust the seat according to the little rider’s height.

It comes with a built-in ringing bell so your kid can have real fun while riding this affordable bike. Thanks to its design and frame, it weighs only 9.9 pounds so you 2 ½ year old can easily handle it.

Key features
  • Soft handlebars
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Solid built
  • Large cushioned seat

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4- Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike for Kids

Critical Cycles Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike for Kids


If your tots are all set to go out with you on their feet, why don’t you get them a funky balance bike and play simple balancing games with them?

Balance bikes not only make them learn how to balance but also remove riding fears from their brains. It makes you kids ready for the pedal bikes, and Critical Cycles Cub is a safe option for your kids.

You don’t need to worry about anything as it requires minimum assembling and maintenance. Its tires are puncture-free and don’t get flat at all. Your 20 old months to 5-year-old kids can easily handle this bike as it is adjustable and step-thru frame enables your child to get on and off without any issue.

Key features
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Large seat
  • Tires are made of hard foam

3- Schwinn Balance Bike

Schwinn Balance Bike


Schwinn is delivering quality products to its consumers consistently, and it hasn’t disappointed parents with its balance bikes. Adjustable seat, sturdy looks and easy to assemble, these are a few points that make Schwinn bikes to some other brands.

You can adjust the seat and handlebar according to the height of your growing toddler. The saddle position can be adjusted as high as 16.5” so your preschooler would love riding on this bike. It could be the best birthday/Christmas gift for the little ones.

Key features
  • Great for learning balance
  • Fully adjustable with growing space
  • Super affordable
  • Air tube and tires

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2- Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike

Cruzee UltraLite Balance Bike


A balance bike is a great way to learn to balance without over-leaning while riding. That’s what Cruzee UltraLite offers to your kids. It makes your toddler more confident and encourages taking longer steps without having any fear in his mind.

As its name suggests, Cruzee is an ultra-light bike that offers maximum control effortlessly. It has a corrosion-free aluminum finish with flat-free rubber tires. Your 18 month to 5-year-old kids would love riding this no-pedal balance bike throughout their growing period. It takes not much time for assembling and comes with an extra seat post for long-term use.

Key features
  • Tires are made foamed rubber
  • Available in multiple striking colors
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Extra-long seat for growing kids
  • Little pricey but worth buying

1- Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike

Strider – 12 Sport Balance Bike


This is the top-selling balance bike online, and the reason is quite obvious. It is not heavy as you little tot cannot handle much weight. Maneuverability is super easy, and above all, it is incredibly durable. Tough its tires don’t go flat, but you always get a choice to replace its foamed tires anytime if you want to pass it to your next kid.

If your toddler has a short height, he can still ride comfortably as this bike is so close to the ground. It is a little bit pricey as compared to the other balance bikes but the price speaks for itself as it made to last longer than other bikes. Spending a few more bucks on durability and safety shouldn’t be a great deal.

Key features
  • Suitable for the kids’ ages 18 months to 5 years
  • Padded handlebar and seat
  • Durable
  • The best bang for your bucks


If you want your kiddos to learn to balance early, you need to buy a balance bike for them. Not all bikes are as good as advertised. In our list, we choose those bikes that are easy to assemble and safe to use. These bikes aren’t manufactured with exposed bolts to make sure your kids remain safe. Also, these bikes are available in different colors so you can choose accordingly.

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