Best Back Seat Baby Mirrors in 2018 – for Safety of Babies in Cars

Back Seat Baby Mirrors

Back seat baby mirrors are designed to help parents to see their babies while driving easily. By law, any child under the age of fifteen months is required to be seated in the back seat of the car.

This ensures your baby’s safety in case of an accident, but if your child has a complaint during your journey, it is not easy to see what the problem is without staining or turning around in your own seat while driving. This can cause distracted driving.

How to Find the Best Back Seat Baby Mirrors

Below are factors that you need to consider to get the best back seat baby mirrors. These factors include:

SafetySetupConstructionEase of use

Safety is always the most important factor to consider when it comes to babies. Therefore, it is also important to consider the safety when purchasing back sear baby mirror.  You should choose mirrors that are made from acrylic glass and shatterproof material for safety reasons. The back seat baby mirrors list on our list is made with baby’s safety in mind.

Not all baby back seat mirror are designed the same. Some are designed to be installed on the rear view mirror while other models are attached to the rear seat headrest. The mirrors that are designed to be attached to the headrest are safe and easy to install with adjustable straps, making them the best option.

The construction material is another important factor that you should consider when purchasing a baby car mirror. Most of the baby backseat mirrors are made from the acrylic glass material with a plastic frame. The mirrors made from acrylic glass are shatterproof and durable. We would suggest you purchase a mirror that is made from acrylic glass.

Lastly, you should also consider whether the mirrors are easy to install, lightweight allows easy adjustment like reclining/rotating. When you consider all the factors will have listed above you be guaranteed of getting a quality baby car mirror.

Best Back Seat Baby Mirrors in 2018

This is where a back seat baby mirror comes in handy! With a baby car mirror, you will be able to see your baby easily in the rear-view mirror. In this article, we will review the top 10 best back seat baby mirrors that are available on the market in 2018, to make your work easier when selecting the best one.

Read more detailed reviews below:

#10. Sonilove Baby Car Mirror

Sonilove Baby Car Mirror

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Are you looking for the best back seat baby mirror that easily attaches to the headrest on the back seat of the car? Then, the Sonilove baby car mirror is what you need. This mirror features an extra-wide viewing angle that allows you to maintain a good and full view of your child while you are driving. It also pivots and rotates so that you can easily adjust it to get a better view of your baby. Moreover, this mirror is compatible with most car seat including SUVs and trucks.

The seat mirror is made from quality acrylic safety glass with a strong plastic frame. This mirror is shatterproof and will not easily break even in case of an accident. It is also very easy to install and clean. This mirror also features a convex shape which allows a good and clear view of the child from the front chair.

Key features
  • It is fully adjustable
  • It is 100%shattterproof
  • Compatible with most cars
  • Made from Acrylic safety glass

#9. Royal Rascals Shatterproof Backseat Car Seat Mirror

Royal Rascals Shatterproof Backseat Car Seat Mirror

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This backseat car baby seat mirror comes with a yellow color for a reason. This is because the human eye is drawn much more quickly to the yellow color than another color. Therefore, you can quickly check on your baby with this back seat mirror without getting abstracted from the road.

This back seat mirror will easily attach to the back seat headrest with the adjustable straps included. It features 360-degrees rotation that allows you get a very clear view of your from any angle while driving. Additionally, this mirror is also shatterproof meaning that it will not easily break in case of a car collision and injure your child.

Key features
  • Yellow plastic frame
  • It is very easy to setup
  • Wide angle view of your baby
  • Comes with an affordable price

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#8. Matusse Infant Backseat Mirror

Matusse Infant Backseat Mirror

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If you are looking for a high-quality backseat mirror that will allow you to have a clear view of your child at all time when driving, then the Lusso Gear Baby Backseat Mirror is the best option. This backseat mirror will also allow your child to see you and herself. This will help to keep your child entertained and happy since she or he will be to you while you are driving.

This backseat mirror is secure; it will not easily rotate or shake around when you are driving.  The mirror also has an HD glass that gives you a clear view with no any annoying glare from the sun. This mirror is made from acrylic glass making shatterproof and durable.

Key features
  • It does not vibrate or shake when driving
  • Easy to install and no assembly required
  • Extra-large, high definition and wide angle design
  • No distorted reflections

#7. Dwelling Infant Backseat Mirror

Dwelling Infant Backseat Mirror

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This baby backseat mirror is designed for easy and simple use. It is easy to set up and comes fully and requires no assemble when you purchase it. This car mirror is very clear and provides both your baby and you a good view while in the vehicle.

This mirror is lightweight and long-lasting. It is made from high-quality acrylic glass that is fully shatterproof. So you will not worry about your child getting injured from the sharply broken glasses. It will not vibrate or shake and is rotatable up to 360- degrees when needed. Moreover, it is easy to install compared to other backseat mirrors.

Key features
  • No assembly need
  • Parent approved and safety tested
  • It is very easy to clean and install
  • High definition glass

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#6. Baby & Mom Back Seat Baby Mirror

Baby & Mom Back Seat Baby Mirror

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This baby back seat mirror features a wide view angle that allows you to see the whole back car seat, not only a part of it.  The mirror also has a wide convex angle for better good view with no glare or distortions from the sun. It is constructed from a quality shatterproof glass making it durable and safe for your baby.

This mirror also easily attaches to the headrest of your back seat in matters of seconds. The mirror can rotate 360-degrees, so you won’t have any problem keeping track of your child movements.

Key features
  • Wide angle convex mirror
  • 360-degrees adjustability
  • Shatterproof and scratch-resistant glass
  • It is very easy to setup

#5. So Peep Baby Backseat Mirror

So Peep Baby Backseat Mirror

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The So Peep Baby Backseat Mirror is a must-have for parents who like t go trips with their baby’s in the back seat. This mirror provides a large viewing area while not disturbing you when driving. Not only you can see your child clearly and fully with this backseat mirror, your child can also clearly see you. So it is very easy to know if your baby is safe, sand, happy, playing, or hungry.

It is very easy to install this mirror on the headrest; it will only take less than 30 seconds and does not need any assembly at all. This mirror is also made from a strong and safe material that ensures you of long-lasting use and your baby’s safety. The glass, for example, it is made from acrylic glass making it completely shatterproof. This means, that if the mirror falls, you won’t worry about the glass easily breaking and injuring your child.

Key features
  • It is made from safe and strong materials only
  • Shatterproof glass making it safe for your child
  • Wide view angle makes it easy for the baby to see you too
  • It does not vibrate, move, or shake when your car is in motion

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#4. Brica Firefly Backseat Car Mirror

Brica Firefly Backseat Car Mirror

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The Brica Firefly Backseat Car Mirror helps to get rid of worries and insecurities when driving with your child in the car.  With this back seat mirror, there is nothing that can block your view of your baby sitting or sleeping behind you. It is made from high-grade and eco-friendly acrylic glass material that makes it safe and shatterproof.

It is easy to mount it and does not require any assembly. Thanks to the strong straps, that makes this mirror to stay firmly in one place. Therefore, you will not have to keep adjusting the mirror to have a good view of your baby. This mirror also features a 360-degree rotation that allows a clear and excellent view of your baby. The mirror also comes with music and lights to entertain your child.

Key features
  • Installs easily and quickly
  • 360-degree adjustment for high-definition and customized viewing
  • Comes with lights and music for entering your child
  • It is effortless to clean the mirror

#3. Britax Baby Back Seat Mirror

Britax Baby Back Seat Mirror

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With the Britax Baby Back Seat Mirror, your baby is never out of sight. This baby back seat mirror helps you keep an eye on your baby while driving. The baby mirror is made from shatterproof glass that makes it safe for you and your baby. This baby mirror is clear because it uses HD glass. Moreover, this baby mirror is very easy to install and doesn’t need any assembling, all you need is to strap it on the back seat headrest.

This mirror is not very big, and it is also not too small either.  It can also rotate 360-degrees, allowing you a good viewing angle. Overall, this is back seat baby mirror is durable, safe, lightweight, easy to mount, and shatterproof.

Key features
  • Dimensions: 9.9 by 8 by 3.2 inches
  • Large viewing angle
  • It has 360° adjustability
  • Shatterproof acrylic glass

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#2. TWOBIU Baby Car Mirror

TWOBIU Baby Car Mirror

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It’s time to stop worrying if your baby is breathing properly and what is doing when driving.  This mirror features a clear and wide view that allows you to see you baby from head to the toes using the clear reflection in the rearview mirror.  You also don’t to worry about the mirror break. It is made of quality shatterproof acrylic glass. This makes the mirror long-lasting and scratch resistant.

The baby car mirror has a hard frame made from high-quality ABS polymer plastic. This mirror rotates 360-degrees allowing you to have a good viewing angle. The mirror also comes fully assembled. This baby car mirror also comes with adjustable straps for easy installation.

Key features
  • It’s easy and simple to install
  • Wide viewing angle from head to toe
  • Highly adjustable, and rotates 360 degrees
  • Shatterproof and scratch-resistant glass

#1. COZY GREENS Baby Back Seat Mirror

COZY GREENS Baby Back Seat Mirror

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This baby car mirror for the back seat has a large surface that measures  5.9 by 3.93 inches to allow toy maintain a complete and clear view of your baby any times with having to rotate or turn the mirror. The mirror is very clear and also allows, baby, to see you while in the car.

The mirror is lightweight yet long-lasting. It is made from high-quality acrylic grass that fully shatterproof no matter what happens. This chair is also easy to attach to the back seat using adjustable straps. Moreover, it does not vibrate or shake and can rotate up to 360-degrees.

Key features
  • It is easy to install
  • It does not get fogged or glare at night
  • Made from high-quality acrylic grass
  • It is scratch-resistant


As a parent, your baby happiness and safety is your priority. Buying a best back seat baby mirrors is a good idea to know your child is safe and happy while driving. The above mirrors constructed are affordable and safe for your child. Get one today to help you know your child is safe while driving.

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