The Best Automatic Sliding Gate Openers in 2021 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Having an automatic sliding gate opener makes life quite easy. You can control its operations from afar. The chain attached to the sliding gate opener makes its operations easy. You can control the functions with an easy to use remote control.

Different gate openers are designed to support different gates with different weights. When you go out shopping for the best automatic sliding gate openers, there are plenty of options. You might find it overwhelming to choose the perfect one.

You can keep your family protected with these best automatic sliding gate openers. To save you from the hassle we have compiled this list for you.

Benefits of Automatic Sliding Gate Openers
  • Safety: The foremost reason for putting up a gate is the safety of the home and the members of that household. Automatic gates are preferred as they provide a high level of security. Having an automatic gate means one can allow or deny anyone in their compound. For families, it brings relief when the children are out playing in the compound as they are assured that no one would be able to open the automatic gate and come inside. Combining automated gate with security cameras and an intercom, one can be ensured of maximum security.
  • Seclusion: Everyone who owns a home loves to have complete privacy, along with having a sturdy gate. A gate becomes the first line of defense from any undesirable people or even animals. An automatic gate ensures that you have complete privacy in your home.
  • Control on Vehicles: Using automatic gates, homeowners can restrict the number of vehicles entering the compound of their house. This is also a polite way to refuse unwanted parking or entry into the house.
  • Aesthetics: With automatic sliding gates, one can increase the appeal of their homes as the homes appear more sophisticated. In addition to beauty, the value of the property is also increased. This is particularly beneficial if you are looking to sell the property in the future.
  • Affordable: Setting up a gate opener can be quite cost-effective and can be adjusted to suit your budget. This generally mainly depends on the space available for the gate and what type of gate is required. One can always take advantage of the great deals and discounts that keep on going due to tremendous competition between companies selling automatic gate openers.
  • Insurance: On installing automatic gates, one can generally get great discounts and low premiums. Insurance companies have today recognized the benefits of installing an automatic gate along with the enhanced security that they provide. A large amount reduces the risk of theft and damage.
  • Comfort: The comfort that an automatic gate offers is one reason why many people have started opting for them. For example, one doesn’t need to even get out of the car to close or open an automatic gate. Similarly, it is particularly beneficial when it is late at night or if it is raining.

The Best Automatic Sliding Gate Openers in 2021

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9. CO-Z Sliding Gate Opener with Wireless Remotes

CO-Z Sliding Gate Opener with Wireless Remotes


By: CO-Z

The sliding gate opener by C0-Z is made from an all-aluminum base and a copper worm gear, making the machine highly durable. The gate opener also features a powerful 550W DC motor, helping the gate to move at 35-40 ft per minute.

The powerful gate opener limits the level of noise to 60Db, reducing any discomfort. It comes with a remote that makes it easy to use and operate. One can also set the time of gate closing to 12, 24, or 36 seconds as the machine comes with an automatic timer for gate closing. For effective controlling the gates, this opener can be used with 23 other remote controls. Besides these, there is an option of manual release that can be used if there is no power. It can move gates at a speed of 8.5 feet/second.

Check Product Key Features
  • RF hopping code technology
  • Infrared sensors to detect obstructions
  • Made from stainless steel
  • Can open or close up to 3300 lb gates
  • Four buttons on the remote control
  • Can be used with 23 different remotes
  • Quite reliable
  • Programming it with a car’s remote control can be difficult

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8. TOPENS RK990 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

TOPENS RK990 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener


by Topens

TOPENS brings an excellent sliding gate opener in the market with a powerful 1/2 HP 370W AC motor made with copper wire. Since a gate is the first line of defense for your home, this gate opener ensures maximum security with its high durability. It can open and close gates with a weight of up to 2200 lbs. Moreover, this machine also has an ultra-quiet facility which makes sure that the noise levels are next to nil. This automatic sliding gate opener comes with several accessories such as TKP3 Wireless Keypad, TEW3 Vehicle Sensor Exit Wand, M12 Remote Control, RNH4 Gear Rack Rail, ERM12 External Receiver, etc.

With TOPEN’s RK990, you can be guaranteed of high performance. The machine has a long operating life and is very easy to maintain. The gate opener is suitable for all types of commercial and residential properties and is very easy to install. It requires no additional welding. Featuring an auto-shutoff function, it is easy to set the timer to 30/60/90 seconds. A 12-month TOPENS warranty also backs the machine.

Check Product Key Features
  • Strong ½ HP motor
  • Can handle gates up to 2200 pounds
  • Auto-stop functionality
  • 12-month warranty
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic timer
  • Easy maintenance
  • Minimal noise levels
  • The slow speed of moving the gate
  • Thin material

7. Aleko AR1450NOR-M Rack Driven Sliding Gate Opener

Aleko AR1450NOR-M Rack Driven Sliding Gate Opener


by Aleko

This electric gate opener by ALEKO has dimensions of 156 x 7 x 6 inches. Hence it does not occupy much space. The weight of the machine is less than 20 pounds. Hence one can be ensured that there would not be much pressure or strain on the gate. The machine is easy to install and would not take much of your time.

With merely pressing a button on the remote control, one can easily open the gate. The machine by ALEKO is a high-speed device and opens and closes the gate quickly, improving the security of the home. The machine is compatible with various gate types and is an ideal choice for both commercial and residential properties.

Check Product Key Features
  • 156 x 7 x 6 in the machine, so it saves space
  • High compatibility with different gate types
  • High speed
  • Easy installation
  • Very responsive
  • Easy to install and use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly durable
  • Instructions are poorly written

6. ALEKO AC1400NOR Sliding Gate Opener

ALEKO AC1400NOR Sliding Gate Opener


For those who are looking for a reliable sliding gate opener, ALEKO AC1400 is a smart choice. This automatic sliding gate opener can handle 1400 pounds of weight. It is suitable for different types of gates. Without any trouble, this automatic sliding gate opener conveniently opens the gate. Even if the gate is 50 feet in length, ALEKO AC1400 opens and closes the gate.

We recommend this gate opener because of its durability. This gate opener is made of aluminum alloy chassis. It is extremely corrosion-resistant. This is a dependable gate opener that keeps your gate sliding without any issue. It has a strong motor which deals with the routine activity.

ALEKO AC1400NOR is a reliable and durable automatic sliding gate opener. It gives you the ultimate longevity you are looking for. Because of the aluminum chassis, the gate opener lasts long. The steel exterior also withstands the test of time. You are aware of the weight capacity it can handle. No matter what type of gate you have, it has a 1400 pounds weight capacity. You can rely on the product to open your gate single-handedly.

  • It is not difficult to install.
  • The gate opener is made of aluminum which makes it long-lasting.
  • It has a weight capacity of 1400 pounds.
  • Installation could be a hassle for some people.

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5. OrangeA Gate Opener for Gate up to 3300lb

OrangeA Gate Opener


If you are looking for a powerful automatic sliding gate opener for your home, this is a perfect choice. OrangeA Gate Opener comes with infrared sensors. The infrared sensor adds to your safety and security. It immediately opens the door if the infrared sensor is covered.

Moreover, it is ideal for people who have heavy gates. For this reason, we recommend this gate open that has a gate weight up to 3300lbs. One of the best things about this gate opener is you can operate it from afar. It comes with a 4-button remote control which lets you open, close and stops the gate.

This is a durable automatic sliding gate opener that comes with convenient operations. The RF hoping Code Technology lets you control the gate opener without making it accessible to others. It comes with a 4-button remote control. You can use the auto-close feature and set the timings of closure to 12, 24, and 36 seconds. This gate opener is made from aluminum base and copper worm gear.

  • It gives you quick opening and closing actions.
  • You can control the operations with the multiple-button remote control
  • For your safety, it comes with an infrared safety sensor.
  • It gives you exceptional performance even when the weather is bad.
  • Not identified

4. TOPENS CK700 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit

TOPENS CK700 Automatic Sliding Gate Opener Kit


This automatic gate opener is designed with advanced and updated technology. It is innovatively designed with modern features. For those who have a gate with a weight of 1600lbs, this is the best selection. This is a heavy-duty gate opener that can handle gate with 40 inches length.

We recommend this automatic sliding gate opener because of the durable motor it possesses. The powerful motor gives you an output of 300W. You can slide different types of the gate made from different materials.

This gate opener is well-made and well-crafted. It comes with an auto-adjustable close time. The easy adjustments make it quite convenient to use. The package includes M12 remote control which lets you control the operations easily. It can slide gates that are made from steel, wood, and vinyl.

  • Slides the gate with a capacity of 1600 lbs with ease and smooth you want.
  • It is suitable to handle gates made from different materials.
  • It is a battery-powered gate opener that requires only AC 110V electricity.
  • None

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3. GUAILAO Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

GUAILAO Automatic Sliding Gate Opener


The 3rd automatic sliding gate opener in our list is GAUILAO Gate Opener. This gate opener can handle heavy-duty gates. It is a powerful and strong gate opener that is worth buying. You can rely on the high-quality materials it is made from. This gate opener is EU and CE certified which means it is quite reliable and dependable. It can slide up a gate that has a weight capacity of 1400lbs. The sliding speed is 39ft/min which is quick and swift.

We recommend this product because of the safety it provides. It comes with 2 manual release keys. When you face a power outage, you can use these keys to control the operations.

This automatic sliding gate opener gives you quiet operations. It gives you a soft start and allows you to stop the functions when needed. The auto-close feature comes with a disable option. You can set it to 1-250 seconds. The gate also comes with 2 safety sensors. The safety sensors are important to allow the gate to stop when someone passes by. It also comes with a magnet switch limit.

  • Comes with a 12-month hassle-free warranty
  • The 2 safety sensors keep you secure and safe.
  • You can control the operations of the gate opener with user-friendly remote control.
  • None

2. GATEXPERT Sliding Gate Opener

GATEXPERT Sliding Gate Opener


GATEXPERT Gate Opener is a blessing for those who don’t want to get out of the car to open the gate. It comes with an easy to control remote control. You can keep it in your car and operate the functions of the gate opener. You can control the sliding gate with the remote control from a distance of 100 ft. It comes with a single button mode. You don’t need to press multiple buttons.

This gate opener is suitable to carry the weight of your gate which is 1350lbs heavy. It can handle a maximum length of 26ft. It gives you the facility to set automatic close time. You can set 0s, 12s, 24s, and 36s automatic close time. You can circularly control the single-button remote control to open, close, and stop the gate.

  • It comes with an infrared sensor to keep you safe on your property
  • The remote control lets you control the operations of the gate opener with a single button
  • Without any additional help from a professional, you can install it with ease.
  • The manual does not come with proper installation instructions.

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1. CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

CO-Z Automatic Sliding Gate Opener


by: CO-Z

CO-Z automatic sliding gate opener is designed for sliding gates which are 1400 lbs. It can handle a maximum length of 40ft. So if you have a heavy-duty gate in your house, we recommend this gate opener for you. This extraordinary gate opener comes with a powerful motor. The 200W motor gives you quiet operations. You can smoothly open the gate at a speed of 43ft per minute without any noise. It only produces a noise of 56dB which is not quite audible.

This is a convenient gate opener that keeps you from the hassle of opening the gate yourself. It comes with an auto-close feature. You can set the timing of opening and closing the gate. You can set different remote modes up to 25 modes. The remote control works fine from a range of 100 ft.

  • Gives you quiet operations at an optimal speed of 43ft/min
  • The 200W motor gives you optimal power output
  • It comes with a convenient auto-close feature
  • Installation could be a hassle.


You need to consider your own needs while choosing a sliding gate opener. The best automatic sliding gate opener in our list is CO-Z Automatic sliding gate. This gate opening kit comes with everything you want. It can handle heavy-duty gates. It is a perfect gate opener for people who want easy installation and hassle-free operations. You don’t need to hire any professional to install the gate opener. It is a powerful gate opener that keeps you safe and sound.

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