Best Artificial Christmas Trees in 2022 – Artificial Trees for Christmas

artificial christmas trees

Artificial Christmas trees have come a long way and are now available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Not everyone has the time or money to get an actual tree home for Christmas, and that’s where the artificial ones come in.

Those Christmas trees are easier to set up compared to the natural option. Furthermore, you can continue using a high-quality tree for years! Also, they don’t spoil your home with needles and cannot ignite when dry.

artificial christmas trees

When you’re on a shopping spree for an artificial tree, just make sure to go for one that’s of high-quality and well worth the price tag. To make things easier for you, we’ve created an in-depth ‘Top 10 Best Artificial Christmas Trees’ list.

We’ll be presenting you with all of the available options in the market, and you can opt for a tree that suits you the best.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees of 2019

Here is a list of the Top 10 Artificial Christmas Trees of 2022 you should know about. All of these Christmas trees are top rated and highly recommended.

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Read more detailed reviews of each Christmas Tree below:

10. Goplus 6′ Artificial Christmas Tree

Goplus 6' Artificial Christmas Tree Spruce Hinged w: Metal Stand for Indoor and Outdoor


This traditional Artificial Christmas tree is ideal for little spaces. It gives a realistic effect due to its high-quality PVC material make. You can get the exciting feeling of festivity, indoors or outdoors, with this tree. It features a durable metal base which ensures that this Christmas tree stands tall and proud.

Key Features
  • This PVC artificial Christmas tree is 6 feet tall.
  • It has a total of 650 tips.
  • It is made up of durable PVC material which adds to its anti-crush capacity. So, the leaves can be folded but can’t be crushed.
  • This artificial Christmas tree has a metal stand instead of a plastic one, which provides much more stability even when you add some decoration.
  • The durable PVC material of this artificial Christmas tree is also waterproof, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • It has easy assembling steps.
  • Storing it away isn’t a hassle.
  • The lush green color projects the image of a real Christmas tree.

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9. Vickerman 6-Feet Tall Artificial Christmas Tree With PVC Needles

Vickerman 6-Feet Tall Artificial Christmas Tree With PVC Needles


This is another reliable artificial Christmas tree you can go for. It is 6 feet tall and has a total of 741 PVC needles that retain their shape even when folded. This artificial tree is easy to set up anywhere in the room. It has a durable metal base which keeps it from toppling over. It comes pre-decorated with little lights.

Key Features
  • This artificial Christmas tree is 6-feet tall.
  • It comes pre-decorated with lights.
  • The lights remain lit even when a single bulb doesn’t work.
  • The durable base prevents the surface from being scratched.
  • Has 741 PVC needles that help give this tree an impressive look.

8. Balsam Hill’s 6.5′ Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill’s 6.5' Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree


If you’re someone who wants the beauty of a blue spruce tree in your home without having to deal with the leafy mess, this artificial tree is for you. This blue spruce tree, from Balsam Hill, is 6 and half feet tall ad fits in most homes. The entire tree is made of 2,144 branch tips which make it look gorgeous even if you don’t put any ornaments or lights on.

The needles are high-quality 100% PVC, meaning that they won’t break and will continue to retain their original shape even when folded. The storage bag can be reused when you have to put the tree away after the holidays.

Key Features
  • This is a 6.5 feet tall Christmas tree with a diameter of 53 inches.
  • All of the needles are made of 100% PVC.
  • The total of 2,144 tips gives this tree a very appealing appearance.
  • It is covered by a Tree & Foliage Limited Warranty of 5-Years.
  • It comes with a tree stand, cotton gloves, and a storage bag.

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7. National Tree 7 Foot Kingswood Fir Tree

National Tree 7 Foot Kingswood Fir Artificial Pencil Tree


This is a slim fir tree that is ideal for placing in corners, small rooms, and tight spaces. It has 3 sections based on the hinged construction, which makes its assembly and installation easy. A sturdy stand adds to the stability and elegance of this remarkable tree.

Key Features
  • The size of this tree is 29 x 29 x 84 inches.
  • It comes with a folding metal stand for ease of assembly.
  • The tree branches have 892 tips.
  • This Christmas tree has an all-metal hinged construction where all the branches are attached to a central pole.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It is fire resistant.
  • Non-allergenic makes.

6. Goplus 6FT nature-like Christmas Tree

Goplus 6FT Artificial Christmas Tree Pre-Lit Optical Fiber Tree 8 Flash Modes


This 6-foot, pre-lit artificial Christmas tree creates a very festive atmosphere in minutes. It is lit by 230 energy saving UL-certified LED lights and multi-colored fiber optics. These LED lights have 8 light patterns you can choose from. You can go with shades of white or even the colorful vibrant options to suit any festive mood.

The realistic, fresh appearance of this tree is due to the foliage made out of fade and crush resistant PVC needles. The tips are finely sculptured to lifelike appearances. The metal base gives this tree a strong support to stay upright.

Key Features
  • Overall dimensions of this Artificial tree are 37.8 x 70.9 inches.
  • High quality, dense PVC needles, give this tree a fuller look. The PVC also adds the anti-crush capacity of this tree.
  • There are 8 built-in light patterns; combination, in waves, sequential, slo-glo, chasing/flash, slow fade, twinkle/flash and steady on. You can choose any mode to change the color of the optic fiber.
  • It is pre-lit with optical fiber tubes and 230 UL-certified LED lights with 7 different colors.
  • The strong metal base gives stability and avoids breakage.
  • The plastic cover over the metal base prevents the floor from being scratched.
  • This artificial Christmas tree separates into 2 sections. This package includes; 1 Christmas tree, 1 stand, 1 adapter and 1 instruction manual.

5. BestChoice PreLit 7.5′ Artificial Christmas Tree with Memory Tips


This 7.5-foot tree has looks which are even better than the real tree. This Artificial Christmas tree has a full, fluffed body with 1346 tips. It’s artificial but realistic looking spruce branches, and the hinged construction makes it a durable product that will last for years.

This Christmas tree comes in natural green color. It’s made from strong, durable PVC material. It has an instant setup, saving you valuable time. The branches design ensure no hassle of fluffing and keep the shape.

Key Features
  • The length of this artificial Christmas tree is 7.5 feet.
  • The creative craftsmanship of this artificial Christmas tree is an instant eye-catcher, with its full realistic branches and needles.
  • Its strong, sturdy metal frame offers the perfect balance.
  • The 1346 branch tips, provide ample space for decorative ornaments.
  • Its assembly and disassembly involve 3 hinged sections which make installing and storage easier for you.
  • This artificial Christmas tree can be conveniently placed anywhere in your house or apartment.
  • The steel base is foldable as well.

4. Best Choice Products 6′ Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

Best Choice Products 6' Premium Hinged Artificial Christmas Pine Tree


This 6-foot Artificial Christmas tree is a beautiful full bodied faux pine, which stays bright and lively for years. You can spend more quality time with your family and friends as its easy to assembly, with a hinged body, and thus, takes a short time to set-up.

Key Features
  • This is a 6-feet tall artificial tree.
  • This tree has a natural green color and is made of durable PVC and metal.
  • The hinged body makes assembly easy and simple.
  • Its branches are crafted with 1000 tips which give the realistic appearance of a full-bodied genuine pine tree.
  • The strong metal base provides this artificial Christmas tree with stability.
  • It disassembles into 3 sections which ease its assembling, dismantling, and storage.

3. National Tree 7.5 Foot Kingswood Fir Pencil Tree

National Tree 7.5 Foot Kingswood Artificial Fir Pencil Tree


This artificial Christmas tree has a very narrow shape, thus the name ‘pencil thin.’ It can conveniently be placed in tight corners or small spaces due to its narrow shape. The artificial tree has a hinged branch construction which makes its installation and decoration very easy. Its 30-inch metal base provides the necessary stability required.

Key Features
  • This artificial Christmas tree comes in at 30 x 30 x 90 inches.
  • Pencil-thin construction makes this artificial Christmas tree ideal for narrow nooks and tight spaces.
  • Its hinged branch construction makes assembly simple and easy,
  • Flame-resistant qualities are an important safety measure.
  • This artificial tree is also non-allergenic.
  • It can be disassembled with ease and stored in reusable cartons.
  • This artificial Christmas tree comes with a 5-year warranty.
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2. National Tree 12 Foot Artificial Hinged Dunhill Fir Tree

National Tree 12 Foot Artificial Hinged Dunhill Fir Tree


If you’re looking for a very tall tree for the lobby in your villa, then this is a good item to opt for. This Christmas tree is 12 feet tall which makes it look very impressive in any setting. It comes in a total of five different sections which can be assembled in no time.

The accompanying tree stand is made of solid metal. Furthermore, the stand folds making storage convenient. Its realistic look adds to its beauty and the Christmas spirit it exudes.

Key Features
  • This is a 12-feet long tree with a diameter of 80 inches.
  • It has a foldable metal tree stand.
  • Comes in five different sections to make setting it up easier.
  • This tree is packaged in reusable storage cartons.
  • Has a very appealing real-life tree look.
  • This tree weighs around 110 pounds.

1. National Tree “Feel-Real” Artificial Fir Tree with 650 Clear Lights

National Tree 6.5 Foot Feel-Real Artificial Fir Tree with 650 Clear Lights


This artificial Christmas tree is uncannily realistic. Its branches are molded from actual tree branches thus, contributing to its real life like effect. It has 650 pre-strung clear lights that will remain lit even after one bulb has burned out. Setting it up is made easier through the featured simple hinged construction and metal stand.

Key Features
  • This is a durable Artificial Christmas tree.
  • It comes with 650 pre-lit clear lights which remain lit even if one of the bulbs has burned out.
  • This artificial Christmas tree is sure to give a very realistic look with its feel-real branch tips.
  • Its hinged construction makes its assembly and disassembly simple and easy.
  • Its fire-resistant qualities make it a safe product.
  • Moreover, it is totally non-allergenic.

Why choose an Artificial Christmas tree?

Christmas is all about cherished family traditions. But as times have changed, we are looking for a realistic, safe, and easy to set-up, no needle dropping Christmas trees.

You should opt for an artificial tree this holiday season because:

  • Artificial Christmas trees are clean with no messy dropping needles.
  • Good quality artificial Christmas trees are only bought once and then they can be used again and again; becoming cost-effective with each passing year.
  • Artificial Christmas trees have low maintenance requiring no care.
  • New technologies have made assembling artificial Christmas trees quick and simple.
  • Artificial Christmas trees are safe for children and pets.
  • These Artificial Christmas trees are available in different sizes.
  • Artificial Christmas trees are time savers as they are available in pre-lit and pre-decorated options.
  • They don’t leave a mess when it’s time to store them away.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for an artificial Christmas tree:

  1. The Size: It might not look like it in the packaging, but some artificial trees can reach up to 7 feet or more when assembled. So, make sure you know about the tree’s actual size (both length and width) and if you have space for it.
  1. The Quality: Go for artificial trees that are made of high-quality PVC as this will ensure that the tree’s leaves don’t break even while folding them. Also, ensure that the quality of the tree makes it non-allergenic. You should opt for flame-resistant choices too.
  1. Easy to Assemble: This is one of the most important factors. Your Christmas tree should be easy to assemble as well as disassemble. Storage-friendly artificial trees are the ones to buy.
  2. Stability: The base of the tree should be strong and sturdy enough to keep the artificial tree standing tall even if you’ve hung some ornaments from it.


Feel free to read our Top 10 Best Artificial Christmas Trees list again. You can see that we’ve selected a variety of trees you can opt for. The list has tall trees as well as smaller ones to accommodate the space you might have.

Furthermore, the buyer’s guide has been created to help you find the best artificial Christmas tree so you can fully enjoy the holidays by making an informed purchase.

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