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AEO or American Eagle Outfitters is a global retailer in specialty clothing and accessories. AEO sells its clothing and accessories under the American Eagle brand while the personal care products get the label of Aerie.

The brand is all about the individual styles and personas. The youthful brand has a huge collection of trendy clothes with a variety of design and colors. In this post, we will present you with our list of best American Eagle shorts for men and review each of them.

So, if you are confused about which one of the Eagle short for men you should choose then read on!

Top List of The 6 Best American Eagle Shorts for Men in 2020

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#6. American Eagle Next Level 6817 Workwear Shorts

American Eagle Next Level 6817 Workwear Shorts

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If you are looking for a 9-inch long workwear pair then you need to purchase American Eagle 6817 shorts. While the stitching process, the company uses advanced techniques that enhance the comfort level. Additionally, it is accessible in five colors such as gray, blue, and more.

These shorts are available in many sizes and you can opt for the right one for yourself. Furthermore, these Eagle shorts for men have 2% Elastane and 98% Cotton that delivers safety and comfort simultaneously. You can wash it worry-free because after the first wash it will not lose color. Additionally, you can wash it in your machine too.

You can wear these shorts with comfort while working, especially manual laboring. Additionally, the hip back and side pockets offer good storage. You can use hip pockets to keep your wallet and side pocket for other gadgets like mobile phones. Moreover, you will also get perfect fitting due to advanced stitching.


  • 2% Elastane & 98% Cotton
  • 9-inch knee length
  • Side and hip pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Accessible in five trendy colors & many sizes


  • Fast wear out
  • Less durability

#5. American Eagle Next Level Drywall Tan Short

American Eagle Next Level Drywall Tan Short

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American Eagle does not compromise on stretches that deliver comfortable shorts to you. You can wear them while working on different projects or even playing sports or participating in multiple activities at the same time. Additionally, you will relax and feel more comfortable because the company uses premium quality material which will not wear out quickly.

American Eagle has used 98% cotton and 2% Elastane in the construction of these shorts. This is the best combination that permits you to wear shorts in the summer with ease. The shorts are only accessible in one color but different sizes are available.

Next Level Drywall shorts have above knee-style. Therefore, it is the best Eagle short for men who don’t want to cover their knees. These smart and khaki shorts are very durable and offer high breathability and reliability.


  • 9-inch length hits at knee
  • 2% Elastane & 98% Cotton
  • Accessible in six stylish colors
  • Offers many sizes
  • Durable and reliable
  • Machine washable


  • Difficult to choose an appropriate size
  • Not suitable for tall men’s

#4. American Eagle Next Level Flex Slim Shorts

American Eagle Next Level Flex Slim Shorts

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Next Level slim shorts by American Eagle deliver more comfort with a fresh look too. The company uses 2% Elastane and 98% cotton fabric to construct it. For that reason, you can wear it in all weathers confidently and feel relaxed. These are the best above-knee shorts with a slim fit design on the market.

In addition, keep in mind, there is a need to wash these shorts separately only for the first time. Apart from this, the short is machine washable that makes cleaning easy. If you think, 38-size is right for you then go for this pair because it doesn’t come in other sizes.

Looking for the best Eagle shorts for men, you can purchase extreme flex flat front 9-inch short. Its soft blue color gives a fresh and trendy look. Furthermore, the side-to-side stretches also make the short durable and reliable. This is a lightweight and softer option to wear during your physical activities.


  • 2% Elastane, 98% cotton
  • Slim fitting
  • Length is above knees
  • The most comfortable
  • Fine stitching
  • Machine washable


  • Available only in one 38-size
  • Accessible in only one Khaki color

#3. American Eagle Extreme Flex 38 Slim Short

American Eagle Extreme Flex 38 Slim Short

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American Eagle manufactured the extreme flex slim short that provides you comfort in your every move. You can wear them comfortably for long hours. This lightweight short is soft and is available in rich hues. Moreover, the premium quality short has a flat front that offers a much better feel.

In addition to that, this is machine washable. But, keep in mind the color of short may bleed so remember to wash it separately only at its first wash. The superior stitching enhances the comfort level and you can wear it while running, or working. It comes with a soft blue color that gives you a fresh look.

The sides of the Eagle shorts for men have stretches that make every movement easier. Additionally, this flat 9-inch front pair offers the perfect fitting and keeps you in proper shape. American Eagle makes sure to deliver premium quality products to you with enhanced comfort.


  • Flat 9-inch front short
  • Remains in its shape
  • Enhanced durability
  • Lightweight dyed
  • Machine washable


  • Only accessible in soft blue color
  • Suitable only for a 38-inch waist
  • Much more expensive short

#2. American Eagle Active Flex 6287 Cargo Short

American Eagle Active Flex 6287 Cargo Short

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American Eagle presents active flex cargo shorts that are the best Eagle shorts for men in cargo style. This pair comes with multiple pockets including front slant, side cargo, and flap back button-welt pockets. You can keep your wallet or cell phone in these pockets.

Moreover, the manufacturer uses 2% Spandex and 98% cotton fabric in its constructions, which hits the knees. It is accessible in two colors and single 26-size. Therefore, you can say this is the most comfortable shorts that you can wear in cargo style.

Do you want flexible, comfortable, and durable cargo shorts for workwear? If yes, then you should buy active flex shorts because it is 10-inch long and are very smooth and roomy. For this reason, they are the best Eagle shorts for men if you are looking for cargo style. The pair has high stretch technology, which delivers superior flexibility and you can make all your moves comfortably.


  • Active flex 10-inch classic length
  • 2% Spandex, 98% Cotton
  • Revolutionary retention & comfort
  • Superior flexible due to usage of stretch technology
  • Slant front and cargo side pockets
  • Machine washable


  • No hip pocket

#1. American Eagle Extreme Flex 6374 Classic Short

American Eagle Extreme Flex 6374 Classic Short

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Are you looking for the most durable and breathable workwear shorts? If so, then we recommend you to purchase the extreme flex 6374 classic shorts by American Eagle. These shorts come with breathable fabric that allows you to wear in all weathers. In addition to that, its softness provides you comfortable and perfect fitting.

These classic shorts come with a 10-inch length that hits the knees. Therefore, you can wear them while working and even if you want to wear them all day long. Furthermore, the combination of spandex and cotton materials delivers comfort at your every move. At first wash, you need to wash it separately in cold water because the colors bleed.

The extreme flex shorts are perfect Eagle shorts for men due to breathable and durable materials. The pair is equipped with slant front, buttoned and back welt coin pockets. You can use these pockets to keep coins, gadgets, wallets, and more. The tint navy color also gives a trendy and stylish look.


  • Durable, soft, and highly breathable
  • 2% Spandex, 98% Cotton
  • Extreme flex enhances comfort
  • Buttoned, coin-back and front slant pockets
  • Perfect fitting
  • Machine washable


  • Available at only one 26-size
  • Does not offer color-variety


The winner of this showdown of best Eagle shorts for men is the Extreme Flex 6374 Classic Short. These shorts are not only breathable but are also extremely flexible yet durable to wear. The best part is that you can wear these shorts in all seasons.

The perfect combination of cotton and spandex keeps everything very comfortable for all-day wearing. You also get different pockets to put all your gadgets and wallet and use them on the move. You won’t find many sizes or colors in these short but you can definitely enjoy other benefits that it offers.

So which one of these have you tried before? Do you have any personal favorite American Eagle short for men? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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