Best Adjustable Height Round Bar Tables – Your Ultimate Choice for 2021

Adjustable height-round bar tables are functional and offer a comfortable option for enjoying drinks, food, or working desks while sitting comfortably on a high bar stool or standing in between while having everything at hand at a convenient height. The cocktail tables are usually compact in size, not heavy, and easy to assemble. Versatile in use, they allow you to adjust their height, which makes them suitable as a coffee or stacking table in your home and office, but also as bistro tables in your gastronomic business, at functions, or your home for a party with friends on your patio or in your garden. When disassembled, they can be stored easily without taking up much space.

Different designs fit into your existing decor scheme; some also feature different functions like a swiveling table top. Constructed safely to allow a stable balance, different materials and qualities are available in various price ranges. It is not easy to decide on the right bar table with this wide choice of products available, and it can be a challenge to find the most suitable model matching your needs and expectations.

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To get the best brands, you need to do thorough research, but this article eases the search process by offering the top best adjustable height round bar tables in 2021.

The Top 10 Adjustable Height Round Bar Tables in 2021

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Read more detailed reviews below:

10. Yaheetech Round Pub Bar Table

Yaheetech Round Pub Bar Table


A classic when it comes to standing tables is this product from Yaheetech. The top is made from engineered wood and is easy to clean and, to a certain extend, scratch-resistant. This kind of adjustable standing table is well known for its use in pubs and fair meetings. With a height between 27.4-35.8 inches, you can also place the table on your patio when you have guests at your house.

The metal frame gives the table enough strength to hold up to 22lbs weight. But you will rarely use it to the max; normally, people place glasses and plates on it. But in case someone leans with his or her arm on it, the table will still stand. A modern gas lift regulates the adjustment; you need to press the handle, which moves up and down.

Some highlights
  • Unlimited flexibility with a 360-degree swivel
  • E1 Grade MDF table top
  • Chrome coated steel frame

9. HomCom Classic Round Adjustable Standing Bistro Table

HomCom Classic Round Adjustable Standing Bistro Table


This is an adjustable faux leather bistro table designed to offer comfortable use. The round bar table features an attractive modern design making it fit into any existing decor. The classic retro look is stylish and elegant. Furthermore, the advanced design allows the table to fit into your home and a bar, coffee shop, or restaurant. Also, the stable construction with an adjustable height makes the bar table fit for everyone.

Additionally, this product features a water-resistant coating ideal for a party where drinks might get spilled. The water-repellent tabletop also enables convenient cleaning, making the table perfect for you to use at home or in a gastronomic business. On top of all these features, the excellent gas hydraulic lifting and lowering feature helps you easily set the right height. It adjusts from 26 inches to 36 inches, making it always fitting perfectly for you whether you are standing or seated on a bar stool.

The round bar table accommodates both standing and sitting visitors. The sturdy design and balance provide safe use in restaurants and bars and on your patio or during a garden party. Additionally, this product features a stylish faux leather covering in classic black. The faux leather provides a sense of modern class and style.

The round bar table comes with a high-quality steel chrome base, which provides stability while taking only a little floor space. The solid chrome base features also a 360 degrees swivel function adding to the convenience of this table.

Some highlights
  • The product offers a 360-degree swivel
  • The water-resistant design provides easy cleaning

8. Pearington PEAR-39002 Artis Adjustable Round Bar and Pub Table Set

Pearington PEAR-39002 Artis Adjustable Round Bar and Pub Table Set


With the Pearington PEAR-39002 Artis Pearington has created a very sturdy adjustable height round bar table. The product features an MDF top layer that offers long durability and easy cleaning. The metal post gives it an elegant and classy appearance while the chrome base guarantees adequate stability.

The versatile cocktail table is ideal for restaurants, cafes, bistros, and your terrace or party room. This product also offers a high-quality adjustable pole offering smooth lowering and convenient raising of the height. It comes with pneumatic handles strategically positioned on the sides to assist in adjusting the height easily.

You can adjust the round bar table from 27 inches to 36 inches. The stylish design perfectly blends into your home decor, making it fit into any room’s style. The table features a sleek and elegant design. The bar table is perfect for gatherings or parties. There are matching stools sold separately to make it a complete matching set.

This table saves space with its compact measurements, thus making it ideal for indoor uses. It is great furniture, no matter if in your home or your business. The non-slip base guarantees stability for the safe placement of your beverages and other items. The easy assembling makes the product convenient to put together and adds to the pros to decide to purchase this round table.

Some highlights
  • The table fits into small spaces.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty.

7. NEW: Armen Living Bentley Wooden Bar Table

Armen Living Bentley


Although it is called a pub table, this model actually looks nice in every home, because it has a beautiful wooden top.  With the walnut colored top, it looks much more elegant than other adjustable bar tables. Armen’s goal is to create bar tables that fit in living rooms and a patio or the garden without looking like a temporary solution. The chrome polished pole and base accentuate this impression of an elegant piece of furniture even more.

This table perfectly fits whether it is fully extended to its maximum height or lowered down to serve as a coffee table. It is sturdy enough for two persons leaning on it when extended and keeps books or decorative elements in place when in its lower position. Thanks to a small handle bar and a gas lift adjusting the height is an easy task, and you don’t need any strength. This makes the table a good solution for older people who want to lift the table when they have a coffee or sitting in an armchair.

Some highlights
  • Very elegant design with walnut colored top
  • Can be used as a coffee table as well

6. PULUOMIS 35 Inches Height Round Bar Table Adjustable

PULUOMIS 35 Inches Height Round Bar Table Adjustable


This beautiful round bar table is made from durable chrome metal and quality wood. The high-quality materials guarantee durability and stability for long time use. Additionally, the table features a top in white color, making it fit conveniently into existing decors. The sleek, elegant design complements the decor of your home or coffee shop.

The versatile table is suitable for many functions. The adjustable height makes it perfect for a round coffee table in your living room or as a bistro table in a restaurant. The table features a comfortable swivel function of 360-degree, making it convenient and ideal to use at a party, where finger food and snacks are shared between guests.

Made of durable MDF and quality steel, the round bar table is manufactured to last you for many years. It comes in a convenient size, making it for a wide range of uses, from working on your laptop to sipping a coffee in a relaxed atmosphere with friends. The easy-to-use hydraulic lifting system makes the product very convenient to handle. The table features sturdy and stable steel construction for a reliable balance and long durability and rust resistance.

Some highlights
  • It offers an easy assembling
  • The package includes all the assembling hardware

5. AmeriHome ATABLE 25-Inch Adjustable Bar Table

AmeriHome ATABLE 25-Inch Adjustable Bar Table


This 25-inch adjustable height round bar table offers a unique construction making it very durable and stable. The high-quality frame construction guarantees reliable stability while the 25-inch tabletop offers enough space for several guests. This round bar table features a vinyl covered top for easy cleaning. The vinyl cover also gives it an attractive look, making it stylish and fashionable. Furthermore, the cocktail table adjusts from a height of 26 inches to 36 inches.

The versatile adjustability allows one to use it as a stacking table or as a bistro table. Additionally, the table comes with a convenient adjusting handle for effective and faster height adjustment. The soft grip and smooth handle offer a comfortable raising or lowering.

Furthermore, the table can support weights of up to 200 pounds, making it ideal for serving several people. The polished chrome base offers reliable stability and durability to serve you and your guests for a long time.

Some highlights
  • The vinyl top cover gives it an attractive vintage look
  • Its surface offers easy cleaning by wiping

4. Flash Furniture Round Adjustable Height White Wood Table

Flash Furniture Round Adjustable Height White Wood Table


An excellent cocktail table made by Flash Furniture. The white wooden top provides an attractive vintage design, making the table look stylish and classy. On top of that, the convenient height adjustment from 26 inches to 35 inches makes it versatile furniture. The product can change from a bistro table to a countertop with ease. Furthermore, this product features a very convenient soft-grip handle located beneath the top for easy handling.

This table features compact construction, making it perfect for small areas. The space-saving design leaves enough room for more tables, making it a perfect furniture for parties, in your coffee shop or your Bistro or restaurant. It comes in a contemporary design and offers an easy setup process.

Some highlights
  • The chrome base guarantees safety and durability
  • The efficient height adjustability makes it convenient

3. Flash Furniture Round Adjustable Height Glass Table

Flash Furniture Round Adjustable Height Glass Table


Another beautiful adjustable round bar table from Flash Furniture is this option. The table top is fabricated from 8mm thick tempered glass with a convenient swivel function. This adds to the contemporary and stylish look of the bistro table. The convenient height adjustability makes the product easy to use. The tempered glass is safe, offers durability, and also allows a convenient cleaning. The tempered glass provides you also an excellent resistance to impacts.

The swiveling tabletop adds convenience for your guests to reach shared finger food and snacks during a party or function.  Rotate the table and to reach your favorite plate. The height is adjustable from 33.5 inches to 41 inches, making it a versatile bar table. The easy-to-assemble product is perfect to be used in any place. It features a compact size making it ideal for use at home or in your business.

The convenient handle is strategically located under the tabletop section. It allows you an easy and smooth height adjustment. The table features a sleek design that saves space and enables enough space for the placement of other tables. The protective plastic ring on the base provides protection for the floor, ensuring that it will not get scratched or damaged when the table is moved.

Some highlights
  • Adjustable Height Frame
  • Matching stools sold separately

2. Displays2go BRTBLBF1 Rotation Adjustable Cocktail Table

Displays2go BRTBLBF1 Rotation Adjustable Cocktail Table


This is a top-quality 24-inch adjustable height round cocktail table, perfect for seated or standing guests. The efficient height adjustability guarantees a convenient handling. The table can adjust between the heights of 27 inches and 36 inches, making it a versatile piece of furniture. It serves as a countertop to display finger food or as a cocktail table.

The convenient handle below the top lets you adjust the round bar table easily to the height required. The black plastic table top is easy to clean. The 360-degree swivel function makes the product even better and ideal for use at parties and gatherings. The bar table is shipped fully assembled.

Some highlights
  • The stylish design makes it perfect for use at home
  • The chrome-colored base offers ultimate stability

1. Flash Furniture Round Wood Cocktail Table

Flash Furniture Round Wood Cocktail Table


Another recommendation in our best adjustable height round bar table list is this bistro table option from Flash Furniture.  Like the other models, it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Unlike other adjustable height tables, this model offers two columns in different heights for conveniently adjusting the size of the cocktail table. The 30-inch top surface makes it large enough to accommodate 3 to 4 people. Also, this product offers easy and convenient height adjustment making it perfect for all users.

This cocktail table comes with a high-quality coated PU birchwood table top for stability and durability. The non-slip base guarantees safe placement and balance for your drinks, food, or other items placed on the table. Furthermore, it features self-leveling floor glides, which adjust to uneven floors. The sleek design saves space, while the water-resistant surface offers easy and convenient cleaning.

Some highlights
  • The design makes it ideal for use in clubs, hotels, conference centers, and training rooms
  • It offers easy setup assemble

Final Thoughts

Adjustable height round bar tables come in different designs and materials. They are suitable to save space in your home if you need furniture for occasional parties or gatherings on your patio or in your living or party room. In your business, they are great options to offer various modes of standing or seating. If you own a coffee shop, bistro, bar, pub, or restaurant, these tables save you space but can still host a good number of guests. Suitable for standing or being seated, they are also great for functions or coffee breaks during conferences in hotels or conference centers. 

Look at design and stability

When deciding for the best adjustable height round bar tables, there is, of course, the design. You want to match this table with your existing furniture and decor. The cocktail tables come in many decors, colors, and material options, so you will have no problem finding the best matching option. Important is the stability and durability of the manufactured materials. Not only shall these tables serve you for a long time, but they must also be perfectly balanced not to pose a safety hazard when in use. Easy cleaning should be a point as well, as drinks and food can get spilled over the pub tables. Also, check if there are additional features, like a swiveling table top, and that the height adjustment will be easy and convenient to handle. 

Our selected recommended round bar tables fulfill high-quality requirements and come at a good value for money. We hope you find your perfect choice in this “Top 10”. 

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