Top 5 Best Acoustic Drum Sets in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Best Acoustic Drum Sets

Learning music aids in improved memory, hand-eye coordination, and processing skills. If you’re looking for a healthy hobby for yourself or a loved one, then you might try this out. If you’ve always dreamed of rocking out your favorite song on the drums, then here is your chance to get the best drum set that most recommended by the experienced musicians. You can go through our list of the top 10 best Acoustic Drum Sets below and find the perfect instrument that suits your needs.

Here is a list of the top 5 best acoustic drums in 2022

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5. Gammon Percussion Drum Set

Gammon Percussion Drum Set


The reason we recommend this acoustic drum set is because it meets all your needs. If you or someone you know aspires to make a start in professional music, then they need a solid set of drums. This drum set includes full-sized drums, Hi-hats, crash cymbals, sticks, stools, and stands.

This drum set also includes a bass pedal and drum key. This entire package comes in a high-gloss finish and reliable build. It also includes professional-grade chain-driven bass pedal.

Key features:

This drum set features full-sized drums made from high-end materials. The metal frame that binds each piece together is solid as well as attractive. With this drum set, you are provided with all of the hardware as in drum sticks, stool, stands, and pedal. The Hi-hat and crash cymbals are also included and deliver a powerful performance.

  • You will receive a complete set without needing to hunt pieces down
  • It comes with full-sized drums
  • Drum sticks, stool, and stand also provided

  • There have been complaints of the packaging coming apart causing damage to the drums
  • The instructions for assembly should be clearer

4. Pearl Acoustic Drum Set

Pearl Acoustic Drum Set


We recommend this drum set because it includes professional-grade design features. This well-made acoustic drum set includes a chain-driven bass pedal and geared, locking stands.

The bass drums, snare, and tom-toms are all made from a 9-Ply poplar shell. The Poplar shell on this drum ensures a loud and resounding sound. The complete set includes five drums as well cymbals. The bass drums, snare, and tom-toms are bound in a matching and attractive cover.

Key features:

Each of the five drums in this set feature tough 9-Ply Poplar shell that promotes optimum tonal power. This drum set also includes all of the hardware that is required to assemble the set.

That’s not all. . . The quality of the hardware is assured by its double-braced construction. This means that all stands, as well as the drum throne, are dual reinforced for durability.

  • Each of the drum sets come in quality Poplar shell casing for optimum sound
  • The hardware is dual-braced for durability
  • The drum set comes with a chain-driven bass pedal
  • This drum set also features geared, locking stand

  • The quality of the cymbals could be better
  • There have been complaints about incomplete sets being delivered due to delivery issues

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3. Mendini Acoustic Drum Set

Mendini Acoustic Drum Set


This drum set is the perfect starter kit for anyone that wants to pick up music. It is a complete drum set but in a smaller size so that it is great for kids just starting. We recommend this acoustic drum set because the solid construction assures long use.

The first drum set always suffers the worst beating and this is the reason that this drum set is reinforced in strength. The quality of this drum set is assured by the 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer against defects.

Key features:

This acoustic drum set features a 16×11- inches bass drum, 10×5- inches and 8×6- inches Tom Toms. Included also are a 12×11-inches Floor Tom as well as a 10×6- inches matching snare drum.

The 8-inches Hi-Hat comes with a strong chain-driven stand & cymbal. There is also a 10-inches crash cymbal with a bass drum mounted stand. Additionally, the set also comes with a throne on which you can adjust the height, bass pedal, a couple of drum sticks as we all as instructions for assembly.

  • It is a complete drum set sized for beginners
  • This drum set also comes with all the necessary hardware
  • You will also receive a round padded, height-adjustable drum throne
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

  • The design of the lug for the kick drum should be revised
  • The instructions for assembly are not clear

2. Gammon Percussion 5-Piece Drum Set

Gammon Percussion 5-Piece Drum Set


We recommend this drum set because it comes complete with every type of drum. This acoustic drum set from Gammon is constructed from real wood shells that produce quality sound.

The construction on each of these drums is reliable with the reinforced frame. These drums could weather hours of practice without incurring too much damage.

Key Features:

This drum set features drums in a real wood shell and quality construction. The complete set includes a 16-inches bass drum, two Tom Toms, a snare drum and stand, Hi-Hat and cymbals, a bass pedal and a mounted cymbal.

On top of which this drum set also provides drum sticks, a drum stool, and a drum key.

  • Authentic wood shells ensure quality sound
  • The complete set features different drums as well as cymbals
  • This drum set also features all the necessary hardware

  • There is an issue with the instructions as the frame won’t line up even
  • The pedal could be sturdier

1. Alesis Acoustic Drum Set

Alesis Acoustic Drum Set


The reason we recommend this electronic acoustic drum set is because of the quality sound that it produces. The complete set features different drums as well as cymbals.

And each of these components delivers premium performance. This drum set allows you to experience drumming in a way that makes practice feel completely natural. You don’t have to bang against these drums to produce sound. The lightest touch inspires music.

Key features:

The drum set comes in an eight-piece configuration that includes 8- inches dual-zone snare pad, three 8-inches Tom pads. This drum set also comes with three 10-inches cymbals including ride, crash, and Hi-Hat cymbals.

There is also an 8-inches kick drum, a Hi-Hat pedal and a kick pedal for convenience. The frame includes a 4-Post foldable aluminum rack that sets up as easy as it packs down.

  • The frame is collapsible which makes for easy storage
  • It comes with 60 built-in play-along tracks that can help you learn
  • This drum set comes with connection cables, drum sticks, and drum key
  • It also features a sequencer and metronome

  • The kick drum needs to be of better quality
  • The electronic components differ in quality over time with the use


Our list covers a good range of products whether you are starting in music or just need a new set for practice. You can’t go wrong by opting for one of the Acoustic drum sets on this list. However, if we had to pick a favorite then it would undoubtedly be the Alesis acoustic drum set. This not only because these drums are supported by electronic components but because of their power. Even the gentlest beats of a stick produce premium quality sound. An added plus is the built-in programs that can help newcomers pick up the beat faster. This is an excellent feature for anyone wanting to learn the drums.

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