Best GoPro Accessory Kits for Travel in 2022 | The Ultimate Reviews

The GoPro Hero camera series has an outstanding reputation for quality video and photo shoots. It is the gold standard of action photography and used by amateurs and professionals. To make good of the camera’s ability, many additional tools and accessories are on the market. With a GoPro accessory kit, you even get a whole set of handy tools for your shooting experience, from straps to mounts for helmets and even cars. Using those gadgets brings out the full action cam experience.

This review provides a detailed summary of the best Accessory Kits for GoPro. Remember that you need a separate case for your camera with a standard action cam mount. Having this opens the world to a lot of fantastic accessories. Purchasing a kit saves money when you compare it to the costs of just a single mount. 

These are the 10 Best GoPro Accessory Kits You Can Choose for 2021

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10. SmilePowo GoPro Session Camera Accessory Kit

SmilePowo GoPro Session Camera Accessory Kit


This accessory kit is designed for the  GoPro Hero 6/ 5 Black, Hero Session, and Hero 5/ 4/ 3 + GoPro Fusion series. The SmilePowo GoPro Kit gives you for example a wrist strap for the remote control. It also features anti-fog inserts and 180o rotatable monopod that is also extendable for extra flexibility and control while recording. Its 360o rotating backpack clip mount allows uninterrupted hands-free video recording. Other mounts can be used on cars and helmets.

Check Product Features
  • Bike handlebar seat post holder with a 3-way adjustable pivot arm
  • Head strap and chest strap mounts
  • Extendable handle monopod and floating block
  • Wrist strap
  • 360o rotating backpack clip mount
  • Extendable 180o degree rotatable monopod
  • Anti-fog inserts
  • Car suction cup mount
  • Feature rich kit with lots of accessories 
  • Easy to use without the need of a manual
  • Monopod for shoots while holding the camera
  • Head and body straps for hands free operation
  • Only for certain GoPro models

9. NEW: Neewer 53-In-1 Go Pro Accessory Kit

Neewer 53-In-1 Action


This Action Camera Kit from Neewer has 53 different accessories, so you should be covered in any situation. It is designed for GoPro Hero 8 7 6 5 4 3/3+ 2 1 Black, GoPro Max Black, and the 2018 Session Fusion Silver White models. If you have a waterproof case for your GoPro, you can easily attach the mounts. Convenient is a carry bag for the camera and some of the most used tools.

While a tripod is included in most kits, this set also gives you a selfie accessory so you can use the camera or your smartphone. That’s important when you want a close up without the wide-angle distortion of the GoPro. Neewer also provides a decent number of stickers to fix the mounts on helmets, bikes, or cars.

Check Product Features
  • In total, 53 accessories in the kit
  • Sport-readiness: perfect for sports and other outdoor activities
  • 12 Anti-fog protection inserts
  • Head and chest straps: for a hands-free recording.
  • Floating handle grip for underwater coverage
  • Supports hands-free recording using GoPro chest harness and head strap.
  • Versatile selection of tools
  • Stainless steel insurance tether
  • Phone holder for the monopod
  • Supports a wide range of GoPro models.
  • No waterproof case
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8. SmilePowo GoPro Hero Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro


Get the all-inclusive SmilePowo Hero Camera Accessory Kit that guarantees your equipment safety even during X-sports like bungee jumping or air gliding. This accessory kit consists of buckles, flat arc mounts, a helmet extension arm, and an adjustable helmet strap mount. The superpower adhesive pad ensures you don’t lose your camera during rock jumps and rough forest walks.

Check Product Features
  • Wrist straps, 360o rotating backpack clip mount, 180o rotatable extendable monopod, anti-fog inserts, car suction cup mounts
  • GoPro Camera Bundle, Accessory bundle, head strap camera mount, chest mount harness, floating hand grip
  • An accessory and carry case for sports and action video cameras, like Akaso EK7000, Akaso EK5000, Sony sports DV
  • Superpower adhesive pad, flat arc mounts, helmet extension arm, buckles
  • Bike handlebar seat-post holder with a 3-way adjustable pivot arm.
  • Feature-rich and easy to use accessory set for GoPros
  • Bike handlebar seat-post holder with a 3-way adjustable pivot arm for multi-directional camera rotation.
  • Durable adhesive pads for lasting attachment on helmets or bikes and cars
  • Floating handle secures camera when used in water
  • Wrist straps for remote controls and camera mounts
  • Spanner screw tool
  • No waterproof case included

7. NEW: Neewer 58-In-1 Accessory Kit for GoPro and Action Cam

Neewer 58-In-1  Accessory Kit for GoPro and Action Cam


When you are filming a lot with your action cam, some setups may have to change. While straps are easy to change, mounts always need to be taken off and attached again. Here comes the Neewer 58 pieces kit in place. It has much more adhesive stickers than other kits and also provides you with more anti-fog inserts.

Apart from the stickers and inserts you get the full range of accessories for GoPro and other cameras. As long as you have a waterproof case already, the standard mounts and screw are easy to attach. A screw spanner with a hand strap will help you when changing mounts fast. 

Check Product Features
  • Straps for head and body as well as hand wrists
  • Shock proof mounts
  • Suction cup mount for cars and motorbikes
  • 360o rotation wrist strap
  • Flexible chest harness
  • Compatible with most Go Pro models
  • A carry bag for the camera and often used accessories
  • 58 items in total in this kit
  • Standards tools for most use cases when filming
  • durable plastic, easy to clean
  • Tripod with flex legs
  • Could have some more adhesive stickers
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6. NEW: MOUNTDOG Action Camera Accessories Kit with many features

MOUNTDOG Action Camera Accessories Kit


This is probably one of the GoPro camera accessory kits with the most items on the market. We counted 61 tools and accessories in total, including 12 anti-fog inserts and 8 adhesive stickers plus two more already attached to screws. They even have their own small bag. Talkin about bags: Mountdog provides a carry bag for the camera and accessories and a small protective case for the camera itself.

You can expect the standard tool kit with straps and mounts for nearly every occasion. We liked the 360 degree mount and the tripod with a firm grip as well as the sponge box. This, attached to the back of a waterproof case let the camera float freely in the water, and its bright red color ensure you can find is again. 

Check Product Features
  • A total of 61 items in the kit
  • Cases for camera and accessories
  • Large selection of mounts
  • Chest, wrist and head strap
  • Floating hand grip and long screw
  • One of the kist with the most features and tools
  • Sponge box for floating cameras
  • Tripod for video recording while walking or standing
  • 12 Anti-Fog inserts and 8 adhesive stickers
  • Suction cup mount holder 
  • Go Pro 8 not listed in supported cameras

5. NEW: SmilePowo 48 Items Accessory Kit for Action Cameras 

SmilePowo 48 Items Accessory Kit for Action Cameras 


SmilePowo is one of the well-known brands when it comes to accessory kits for Go Pro accessory kits. The selection of items is well thought through, and Smile offers different kits depending on the number of items. The 48 kits give you enough choices and tools when using your action camera.

Be it the Wrist strap (with 360 degree power clips) or the lightweight mini tripod, the car suction cup or the mounts for helmets: all accessories are easy to install ad ready to use in minutes. We liked the chest harness where you just mount the camera with a click and then go downhill on your skiers or take a ride on the mountain bike. Even with weeks of use the adhesive stickers were holding tight.

Check Product Features
  • Compatible with GoPros from series 1 up to new model 9
  • Screws are made from metal for long durability
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Very handy tripod with flexible legs 
  • Waterproof transport bag
  • This kits provides you will all necessary accessories for filming
  • Smile Powpo has a long experience in action cam tools
  • Durable plastic material
  • some accessories can be used with smartphones too
  • Great value for this price
  • You need a separate case for the camera

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4. Lifelimit Accessory Starter Kit for GoPro

Lifelimit Accessory Starter Kit for GoPro Hero 6/ Fusion 5/ Session/ 4/ 3/ 2/ HD/ Hero


The Lifelimit accessories starter kit comes with a fully adjustable chest strap mount that also works for bigger people. It features quality mounts perfectly designed for kayaking, biking, motocross, and other action sports. The head strap and all mounts are compatible with most GoPro cameras models.

This GoPro accessory kit also features a handlebar seat-post mount in case you are using the camera on a bicycle or a motorbike.  It has a 3-way adjustable pivot arm for easy positioning of the camera and can even be mounted on an electric scooters handle car. 

Check Product Features
  • Handlebar seat post mount for bikes
  • Headband and chest band for mounting to your body
  • Mounts and screws for many different use cases
  • Adhesive stickers included
  • Carry bag for camera and accessories
  • Floating grip for underwater coverage
  • All necessary accessories in one kit
  • Compatible with many GoPro and other actions cams
  • Can be used for action sports as well as when traveling 
  • Good for everyday coverage, for example biking
  • It is lightweight and compactly designed for portability.
  • Not anti-fog inserts included

3. Luxebell Accessory Kit for GoPro Hero

Luxebell accessory Kit for Akaso EK5000 EK7000 GoPro Hero 7-6-5.


The Luxebell Accessory Kit is your best companion when filming with a GoPro or other action cams. It provides you with a set of accessories to improve video and photos. This is a great beginner set with all the main mounts and straps. You can carry all items in the bag, which is part of the kit. While the selfie stick works as a monopod, the tripod with flexible legs is a real plus. You can use it on any surface, and it’s perfect for night shots. A sufficient number of anti-fog-inserts and stickers for the helmet and surface mounts are provided as well.

This accessory kit is a perfect setting for you into outdoor activities and if you travel a lot. You can also share it with family members if they have an action camera, too, since it works with other models than GoPro as well. They need a case with a GoPro mount.

Check Product Features
  • Head strap mount
  • Yellow floating hand grip
  • Bike handlebar holder
  • 2-inch long selfie stick
  • Chest strap mount & J-Hook Buckle
  • Large EVA shockproof carry case
  • Remote strap for attaching your GoPro remote to the wrist.
  • This accessory kit comes with a chest harness strap belt and vertical surface J-Hook buckle for a more stable GoPro camera positioning on the chest.
  • The head strap sits comfortably and won’t hurt your forehead. It also has soft padding and can be easily adjusted.
  • The carry case features pre-cut, well-padded slots to cushion your GoPro camera and accessories from shocks and vibrations.
  • You can attach the camera to your wrist or arm with a flexible band. 
  • The selfie stick extends up to 37.2 inches and retracts to 8 inches. The tripod has flexible legs.
  • Attach the floating grip when going into the pool or in the seat and use the strap. If you lose the grip, the device will float on the surface.
  • Handle bar grip not made from metal

2. Neewer 50-in-1 Action Camera Accessory Kit for GoPro


This accessory kit is specially made for GoPro Hero 6-5, Session 4-3+ 3-2-1 Black Silver SJ4000/ SJ5000/ SJ6000, AKASO/ WiMiUS/ Lightdow/ DBPower/ Apeman/ Yi/ An art/ VicTsing/ Rollei/ QuMox. It comes with mounts, straps, and harnesses for the safety of your camera and accessories.

Neewer’s set is ready to use and fits perfectly in any  environment; climbing, cycling, scuba diving. You can even use the GoPro and the suction cup as a dash cam in your car.  The straps sit tight and can absorb some sweat without loosening up. Even when it’s raining the accessories will keep the camera functioning. 

Check Product Features
  • Full set of accessories for action cam use
  • Color of mounts: black
  • Material: ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)
  • Removable triangle suction cup
  • remote wrist strap
  • 360backpack strap quick-release clip clamp mount
  • Great set for you when you are a GoPro beginner or advanced user
  • Accessories for action movies as well as travel and family shootings
  • Works in all conditions, water proof and heat resistant
  • You can use your camera even in water with the floating grip and box
  • It is compact and lightweight making it very portable
  • Handle bar has no shock absorption

1. Black Pro Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit for GoPro

Black Pro Basic Common Outdoor Sports Kit for GoPro Hero 6/ Fusion/ Hero 5/ Session 5/4/3 + 3/ 2/ 1


This kit is best for you when you like to be outside in harsh weather conditions. One of the most annoying things when filming in cold and wet weather is a foggy lens. That’s why this kit has 24 anti-fog inserts, more than all the others we reviewed. You also have six different adhesive stickers with corresponding mounts if you lose one or the helmet where it’s mounted on breaks. 

The difference this kit makes – and why it’s top on the list – lies in the amount of items. You not only get the usual straps and mounts, but also extra screws and straps. All of the accessories are durable and designed to be used outdoor and in different weather conditions. They are easy to clean and scratch resistant.

Check Product Features
  • Bag to store the accessories is included
  • 24 anti fog inserts
  • Perfect for biking and driving
  • Multi-use thanks to different mounts
  • Wrist strap and suction cup
  • Floating grip mount
  • Easy to use accessories
  • Works with GoPros and other Action Cams thanks to standard mount
  • Great for cycling, skiing, snowboarding
  • Can be used as dash cam holder
  • Easy to clean
  • no dedicated handle bar grip

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When looking for accessories for a GoPro, kits are always a good choice. You save a lot of money when you buy a set compared to buying all items separately. And since action cams use standard mounts and screws you don’t need original parts anymore. The third party offers providing the same quality.

The main difference between the sets we reviewed lies in the number of items. It depends on how you want to use your camera when selecting the best accessory kits for GoPro cameras. You can get excellent results with a basic set. If you are professional, you may want some more items in the set. We liked especially those kits where you get a free carry box to store cameras and tools.

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