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2 Drawer File Cabinets

Messy pilling up of files and documents in your working station doesn’t not only limit your productivity but also makes your office look untidy. While this is one of the reasons why many people are adopting a paperless office trend, file cabinets are still relevant.

In fact, most people still use them since most of the office continues to produce written documents that need to be filed. Even if your office doesn’t produce them, we bet that you are going to receive several from your business partners and clients.

Modern file cabinets are attractive and offer an efficient filing system that will keep your office as tidy as a paperless one. However, because of the many models available, it is easy to be perplexed when it comes to selecting the best model.

Our primary agenda is not only to help you organize your office but also provide you with spacious models that help you avoid getting back into the same mess.

Best 2 Drawer File Cabinets in 2023

By equipping your office or home with the best 2 drawer file cabinet, you will get not only the ultimate file organization solution but also an aesthetically appealing cabinet that accents your office.

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Take a look more detailed reviews below:

10. Space Solutions Letter-Sized Mobile File Cabinet

Space Solutions Letter-Sized Mobile File Cabinet


Who wouldn’t want one of the finest file cabinets at an incredibly low price? In fact, this is one of the most affordable models on the market today. Owing to the fact that it is made by one of the most renowned manufacturers when it comes to file cabinet construction, this offer is irresistible. Crafted from laminated particleboard, this file cabinet boasts of durable constructions while the refined lines and espresso finish give it a beautiful look. We also love the decorative handles that give it a classic look.

Additionally, the two drawers are spacious enough to hold letter sized documents and support up to 25 lbs. This will ensure that your office remains decent and organized. If you are looking for a professional look, you will not regret installing this file cabinet.

Key Features
  • Patented glide suspension ensure smooth closing and opening
  • Beautiful handles don’t only allow for easy access to files but also give the unit a classic look
  • High side drawers accommodate letter and legal size files
  • Incredibly sturdy with an affordable price

9. CommClad 2-Drawer Letter-Size Vertical File cabinet

CommClad 2-Drawer Letter-Size Vertical File cabinet


The CommClad  2-Drawer File Cabinet may cost more than other models, but you will love its beautiful design coupled with the sturdy construction allows you to use it for many years to come.

This file cabinet comes with two decently sized drawers that will accommodate all your files keeping your office or home organized. The drawers come with rails that accommodate legal and letter hanging files.

While this drawer may have a higher price tag than other models, most users will love its beautiful design as well as a sturdy design that allow them to use for many years to come.

Key Features
  • Features a full drawer extension that makes it open and close
  • Precision steel ball-bearings
  • Stylish and space saving design
  • High-side drawers

8. Space Solutions 2-Drawer Metal File Cabinet

Space Solutions 2-Drawer Metal File Cabinet


Nothing is irritating than those loud screeching and loud bangs from office cabinets. You can forget about this inconvenience with this file cabinet from Space Solutions as it comes with an impressive full suspension that ensures smooth gliding.

With two spacious drawers, you can store all your important files with ease. Each of the cabinets comes with a lock that ensures that your file is secure. Besides, this unit comes with a space-efficient file cabinet making it a perfect choice for both home and office use.

Key Features
  • Two drawer vertical file cabinet
  • Efficient Glide suspension
  • Superior steel construction
  • High-side drawers

7. Hirsh Industries 18 inch Deep 2 Drawer Steel File Cabinet

Hirsh Industries 18 inch Deep 2 Drawer Steel File Cabinet


Designed with small offices and home offices in mind, this file cabinet is an excellent addition to individuals looking for smart and practical storage.

The Hirsh Industries file cabinet comes with a compact design and aesthetically appealing exterior making it an excellent addition to your home office. With a unit you will keep, your entire document organizes giving your home or office a stylish look. Having been made from durable materials and versatile style, this file cabinet has something for everyone. The unit is made from hardwood veneer that has a lustrous and smooth finish.

Most of the people who have already purchased it are impressed by how attractive and spacious it is. Reviewers also recommend it to offices with smaller spaces as its spacing design will not occupy much space while offering large storage space.

Key Features
  • Constructed using durable material
  • Versatile design fits most offices
  • Aesthetically appealing thanks to the smooth, lustrous finish
  • Smooth gliding making it easy to close and open

6. Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Vertical File Cherry Cabinet

Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Vertical File Cherry Cabinet


Z-Line Designs brings you stunning options while maintaining a low price. This makes it the most preferred brand for individuals looking for quality without spending a fortune. This is beautiful two-drawer vertical file cabinet featuring gorgeous cherry finish with black accents.

For convenience and ease of use, this unit comes with fill extensions that glide with metal rails. The two drawers are spacious and accommodate legal size hanging files and letters.

Additionally, this drawer comes with a lock for enhanced security. It is a decent choice for an office or home.

Key Features
  • Smooth suspension makes drawers easy to open and close
  • Metal rails for easy filing
  • Finished in cherry with black accents
  • Comes with a lock for security

5. Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet

Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet


Lorell 14341 is a compact and safe option for offices and home businesses that have limited space. Despite its compact design, it features two, full file drawers that accommodates legal or letter files keeping all your documents organized.

The steel construction does not only make it durable but also ensures that your documents are safe. Additionally, we love the smooth glide suspension that makes the opening and closing of the drawers easy.

Key Features
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Smooth glide suspension
  • Space saving design
  • High-side drawers

4. Hirsh Industries LLC 20″ Deep 2 Drawer

Hirsh Industries LLC 20 Deep 2 Drawer


Simply because you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a low-quality model. The Hirsh 2 drawer is a wallet-friendly option that is not only easy to use but helps you to keep your office organized.

This unit comes with standard drawers, which will accommodate legal size files and letter. It is crafted from high-end materials to ensure high performance and durability. There are also tracks inside the drawers that support the hanging files making it easy to organize.

Despite its low price, this file cabinet is sturdy and ensures that all the files and documents are safe thanks to the lock that are hard to pry open.

This makes it a decent choice for people who are looking for a secure, sturdy and space saving file cabinet without spending a fortune.

Key Features
  • Attractive yet space saving design
  • Hidden casters make it easy to organize the files
  • Sturdy design with spacious drawers
  • Easy File configuration

3. Alera 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet

Alera 2-Drawer Lateral File Cabinet


The Alera 2 drawer file cabinet has an elegant look, which will blend well with other furniture in your office. Featuring two drawers with hanging rails, accessing and organizing your documents will not be a problem.

The file cabinet is decently sized to fit legal files, and letter sized documents. Another feature that makes this unit to stand out includes the radius edge recessed pulls as well as anti-tipping interlock system that allows each drawer at a time. Besides, your documents are secure thanks to the single key core lock.

Key Features
  • Full drawer extension featuring slide suspension
  • Effective hang rails make it simple to organize your files
  • Stylish and compact design
  • Anti-tipping interlock system

2. Ameriwood Home Core 2 Drawer File Cabinet

Ameriwood Home Core 2 Drawer File Cabinet


It has never been easier to prevent clutter in your office than adding this file cabinet from Ameriwood. Having been constructed from laminated particleboard, this unit is super light yet sturdy to offer long-lasting service.

This file cabinet also boasts of decorative handles and refined lines giving it a sleek yet classic look. The 2 drawers provide you with ample space to keep all your files organized and safe.

Key Features
  • Laminated particleboard for durability
  • Beautiful espresso finish
  • Smooth glide suspension coupled with decorative handles
  • Two spacious drawers

1. Oxford File Cabinet, 2-DRAWER

Oxford File Cabinet, 2-DRAWER


Make your office stand out while giving you the versatility you need. Featuring a cherry finish with black accents, this drawer brings out a professional look that will fit any office. This helps in bringing a level of seriousness to the atmosphere. This makes them the best choice especially if you are looking to start out personal office space. Because of its professional look, it is also a perfect choice for people looking for a commercial grade file cabinet to fit their businesses.

That’s not all; this unit is designed to accommodate letter and legal size files. It also includes a lock to ensure that your entire document is safe.

Key Features
  • Full extension glides
  • Professional look thanks to the cherry finish with black accents
  • Metal rails for easy filing
  • The decent size that accommodates legal-size file while remaining compact design

Factors to consider when purchasing the best 2 Drawer File Cabinets

As the saying goes, the devil is always in the details. This holds true when looking for the best 2 drawer file cabinets. Because of their space-saving design, these cabinets are us end virtually in every office. Before you can settle on the best model, it is important to pay extra attention when it comes to additional features, which typically turn out to be extremely important. Below are some of the crucial factors that you should consider before settling on the best model.

  • Construction materials: As you probably know, the file cabinets are crafted from different materials. Some of the most common construction materials include hardwood, particleboards, and steel. We also have other models made using cheaper materials such as softwood, plastics, and other inferior materials. Picking models made using sturdier materials will ensure durability and performance that you can depend on.
  • Anti-tilt mechanism: The other factor to consider is the tilting mechanism. Models integrated with this mechanism don’t not only make them easier to use bit also prevent more than one drawer to open at a time. This is a great safety feature since it keeps your head, foot, or leg safe from injuries.
  • Design: It is understood; selecting a model with a compact design makes a decent choice especially if you do not have a lot of space to sacrifice. Thanks to the availability of various models on the market, we have various designs, making it easy for you to pick a model that meets your needs. If you are not sure which is the best model,   file cabinet with a vertical design are more spacious and practical to use.
  • Inbuilt handles: Choosing a model with smooth gliding suspension and inbuilt handles will make it easy to open and close. Besides making sure that, the file cabinet has decorative handles,   ensure that they are crafted from the high-quality material. Remember, a broken handle can make opening and closing of the drawers extremely difficult.
  • Fire resistance: Fire disaster can strike anytime. For this reason, it is always important to be prepared. Investing in units that are fire resistant ensures that the stored files and documents are protected. While models with this feature are a bit expensive, it is worth it as it helps safeguard crucial documents and files.


With any of the listed best 2 drawer file cabinets, it will be easier for you to organize all your important document and files. These are a versatile product that will not only assist in keeping your office or home organize but also blend well with the existing furniture giving any room a modern touch.

We hope by going through the listed model and buying guide, you will get a model that meets your needs perfectly.

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