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Self-care is essential these days, as well as beauty is. Never have we lived in a time where we had so many opportunities to improve our health and beauty. We have the best medicine, the best pharmaceuticals mankind ever had. But we can care about us at home as well. In our health and beauty section, we list devices that can improve your well being and check your status—for example, our review of the best blood pressure monitors. Or top ten list of under desk foot rests.

Sometimes a little effort can have a great effect, like a massage chair or a heating mat for your bed. Or think about the sterilizers we have now available to keep your baby’s bottles safe. Beauty is another important topic for us. You want to make sure that what gets on your skin is safe as well. We compelled some lists for toners and acne treatments, mist sprays, and body lotions, which improve your life and, most certainly, your mood.