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self balancing hoverboards

First, what is hoverboard? do they really hover?Of course, these boards don’t hover, they roll. They are the latest self-balancing electric hands-free scooters which are gaining popularity day by day. However, self balancing scooters are not left out of scandals.In 2015, these hoverboards experienced battery explosions and fires which prompted a massive recall by manufacturers. Due to these incidents, people are advised to buy certified … [Read More...]

mechanic tool set

When it comes to buying mechanic tool sets, you may feel a headache because there are so many options available under well-known brands. It gets even more challenging if you start purchasing each tool separately. We don’t recommend this.Instead, you should lean towards buying a full kit of mechanic tools. To make this decision easier for you, we have created this list of the best mechanic tool set that will save your hours of research and … [Read More...]